Caroline Popiel



Caroline is a Junior majoring in physics from Avon Lake, Ohio. She never imagined she'd be a physics major, but now that she is, she really enjoys it! Caroline's research focus is modifying GABE in order to to aid in the search for axions, a dark matter candidate. This includes working with the Poisson equation for gravitational potential and altering the equation of motion for the inflation field by using a variant of the FLRW metric. She has done a semester of cosmology independent study during sophomore year with Professor Tom Giblin and has researched as a Summer Science Scholar during the summer of 2016 at Kenyon.

In addition to physics, Caroline also enjoys her language classes (Arabic and French) and is a Community Advisor for the college. Some of her passions are food and cooking, violin, geography, travel, the USPS, dinosaurs, and being in the great outdoors.