Christian Solorio



Christian Solorio, class of 2018, is a physics major at Kenyon College. He is from Chicago (not a suburb), where he attended Lane Tech College Prep. He declared his major in December of 2014 after having thoroughly enjoyed Tom Giblin's introductory course on classical mechanics. He joined Kenyon's Cosmology Group his sophomore year and was a summer science scholar in 2016 and 2017. He is researching non-topological structures, also known as oscillons, using GABE. Currently, he is looking into oscillon production from bubble collisions.

Outside of Hayes 211/213, Christian does a science outreach program for middle-schoolers, is a Head Community Advisor for North campus, and is the Career Development Office's intern manager. When he isn't working, he enjoys photography, dogs, organizing his room, and grilling Lanning's all-beef hot dogs.