Isaac Tjandra



Isaac Tjandra is a physics and math major, part of the Class of 2024 at Kenyon. He comes all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he attended Semiahmoo Secondary School. He had always loved learning about space as a kid, watching every documentary and reading every book on the topic, always wondering about the universe. It seemed like fate had major plans for that childhood dream when he started working in Cosmo Lab the summer of his freshman year as a Cascade Scholar and STEM Scholar. He is currently working on a project about the self-decay of the inflaton field into dark matter, and is looking at oscillon production with GABE.

Aside from physics, Isaac is thinking about doing a Scientific Computing concentration and a Languages minor, although he enjoys History as well. He plays trombone in the Kenyon Jazz Ensemble, and is also part of the Squash Club. He enjoys playing sports, cooking, building model cars, and reading manga!