Rand Burnette


Rand Burnette is a Kenyon student from the class of 2021, and came to campus from a similarly isolated town in Indiana, Crawfordsville. The physics department was what first made Rand excited to come to Kenyon, and has kept him fascinated and intimidated with the opportunities available in the physics department. He has spent the past year doing research into Scalar Field models of Dark Matter, a project that had originated with Maggie and Rachel, and has been now been teasing minds in Cosmo Lab for over 3 years. He has been working on expanding this project into galactic scales with the help of Gwyneth, and is excited to see where this project will lead in the future.

Aside from physics, Rand finds drawing and painting to be particularly inspiring, as well as relaxing. A large portion of his free time is spent playing, watching, and if he has the time making art for games. There have also been claims made that he will be trying to take better care of himself by learning to cook, which preliminary results suggest is going well.

Rand also really loves running convergence tests.