Ryn Grutkoski


Ryn is a physics major in the class of 2021. They went to Irondale High School in New Brighton, Minnesota. Early in their first semester of college, they declared their physics major, and later added a math minor. During spring semester of their first year, they took an independent study in cosmology with Professor Tom Giblin. In their sophomore year, they took another independent study, and joined the Cosmology Lab in January 2019 as a Clare Boothe Luce Scholar doing research regarding gauge preheating. During the summer of 2019, they modified gauge GABE to have multiple gauge fields and began working on a fully relativistic version. They will continue to work on incorporating full general relativity into the multiple gauge field version of GABE.

Outside of Cosmology research, Ryn is a Community Advisor, a tour guide, and a co-director for a middle school science outreach program. In their free time, they enjoy spending time hiking, reading, and playing French horn.