Wyatt Phillips


Wyatt Phillips is part of the Kenyon Class of 2025. He was originally planning on being a History major, until he discovered that he liked doing math significantly more than writing papers. Soon after, Wyatt discovered that Physics also involved writing papers, but decided he could live with that. Wyatt joined Cosmolab in 2023, and is currently working on modifying a Schrodinger-based version of GABE to evolve fields with oscillons. He is also a History and Math minor

In his free time, Wyatt enjoys sleeping, eating, and walking to and from Hayes Hall (since this is all he has time for these days). When he has actual free time, he likes watching tv (especially Star Trek), playing video games, reading books, etc. He believes that Pluto should be a planet (at least an honorary one, like come on), and that aliens are probably real (though they’re probably just slugs or something).