Ericka Florio



Ericka Florio, class of 2022, traveled a long, long ways from Seattle, Washington to attend Kenyon College. She came into college thinking she wanted to major in either mathematics, physics or English, but soon discovered that pondering over deep questions about the physical nature of reality was the life she was meant for. She began attending Cosmology group meetings in the fall of 2018, and embarked on her first semester of research with Cosmo Lab in the spring of 2019. Currently, she studies the Early Dark Energy (EDE) field, a proposed solution to the Hubble tension which introduces the presence of a light scalar field near matter-radiation equality. She models this field using GABE in order to study possible non-linear dynamics in the evolution field which could lead to observable consequences of EDE.

When she is not fighting with Mathematica, Ericka can most often be found in the dance studio, at her weekly knitting circle, curled up with a good book or her sketch pad and, once in a very, very blue moon, on a hike.