Principal Investigator

John T. Giblin, Jr (Tom) - Tom has been at Kenyon Since 2009 and is currently an Associate Professor of Physics. Tom is interested in how numerical methods can help us learn about fundamental physics. His interests are in Cosmology, Particle Physics and Computation.

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Maria Huey - Maria is a sophomore physics major at Kenyon College. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio and is in charge of our visualization department, converting our output to HDF5 files, making plots and movies.

Sarah Murphree (Maggie) - Maggie is a Senior Physics major from Meadville, Pennsylvania. She is working on modeling large-scale structure by simulating the evolution of axion dark matter as a scalar field. This picture uses the Schroedinger-Poisson equation instead of the Klein-Gordon.

Gwyneth Phillips - Gwyneth is a Junior at Kenyon College from Wheaton, Illinois. Right now, she is investigating the behavior of dark matter at the galactic scale by using Schrodinger GABE with modified boundary conditions.

Rachel Nguyen - Rachel is a Senior at Kenyon College from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is researching the generation of primordial black holes after inflation using a fully relativistic version of GABE.

Patrick Shaw - Patrick is a Senior at Kenyon College from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He is investigating dark energy in axiverse models using CUDA enabled GABE.

Alumni and Collaborators


Here are some of the past members of our group and where they are now:

Christian Solorio, '18 - Graduate Student at Oregon State University

Caroline Popiel, '18 - Graduate Student at the University of Vermont

Arthur Conover, '17 - Graduate Student at the University of Virginia.

Avery Tishue, '17 - Graduate Student at Dartmouth College.

Eva Nesbit, '16 - Graduate Student at Syracuse University.

Zachary Weiner (Zach), '16 - Graduate Student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Timothy Scully (Tim), '15 - Graduate Student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Ryan Darragh, '14 - Graduate Student at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Hillary Child, '13 - Graduate Student at the Unversity of Chicago.

Tate Deskins, '13 - Graduate Student at Case Western Reserve University.

Evan Pease, '11 - Graduate Student at Yale University

David Bohl, '09 (Bates College) - Graduate Student at TBA

Les Wade, '09 (Bates College) - Assistant Professor of Physics at Kenyon College (!)