Sarah Murphree (Maggie)


Maggie, class of 2019, is a Physics major at Kenyon College. She’s from Meadville, Pennsylvania, “Home of the Zipper”, and attended Meadville Area Senior High. When she started college, she was undecided whether to major in Physics, Math, or Modern Languages but after Fields and Space-time she knew for sure that she was a Physics gal. Maggie started work in Cosmology in January 2017 and became a part of Kenyon’s Cosmology Group the following summer. Her research involves modelling the behavior of dark matter in its wave representation by incorporating the Schrodinger-Poisson equation into GABE.

In addition to Physics, Maggie is a Russian minor. She enjoys knitting, baking, tooting her French Horn with the Knox County Symphony, and decorating the board with cartoons [pictured: “Hatdog”].