Gwyneth Phillips



Gwyneth Phillips, class of 2020, is a Physics major at Kenyon College and has a concentration in Scientific Computing. She hails from Wheaton, Illinois (a western suburb of Chicago), and attended Wheaton North High School. While touring Kenyon College as a prospective student, she received a thermochromic pencil in exchange for majoring in Physics instead of English, and from there her fate was sealed. Gwyneth joined Cosmo Group study in fall of 2018, and the following summer she began research in Kenyon’s Cosmology lab. There, she works on modeling the behavior of dark matter in its wave representation on galactic scales by using Schrodinger GABE and implementing non-reflecting boundary conditions.

Besides physics, Gwyneth is a History minor (especially interested in twelfth century Europe), with a concentration in scientific computing. When she’s not in Hayes, Gwyneth plays for Kenyon’s varsity women’s soccer team, plays Clarinet in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and is still trying to finish that novel she began writing in high school. She is an avid watcher of superhero tv shows, loves Doctor Who, and probably plays too many video games, if there is such a thing.