Scott Shaffer


Scott Shaffer, class of 2020, is a Physics and Math major at Kenyon College. He is from Fremont Ohio (in the vicinity of Toledo). When he first came to Kenyon he knew he wanted to do physics, but it still took him a whole year to declare his major. He joined the cosmology group in 2017, when he first began going to group meetings. He did an independent study the following semester, started a research project the semester following that, and in the summer of 2019 he began a research project. There he used CUDA enabled GABE to study Galileon wave theories, with the help of GPU's and their incredible ability to take Fourier transforms. When he isn't trying to model dark energy in modified theories of gravity, Scott likes to cook and read, and he can often be found working on math problem sets. Allegedly he goes on a run every day, though these claims have yet to be substantiated.