Gabe: Grid And Bubble Evolver

As Cosmology enters its maturity, it is clear that numerical tools are an integral part of the next step of understanding in fundamental science.

GABE (Grid And Bubble Evolver) is a C++ program that evolves scalar fields (as well as other purposes) on an expanding background.

Would you like to use GABE?


Our source code is available here. Documentation for this code will also be available shortly.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are running Mac OS X.8 (Mountain Lion) there is a major bug with OpenMP on the native compiler that comes with the developer tools. Contact us for a work around

If you would like to use GABE for your numerical needs, we welcome any collaborations and openly share our software witht he communitty. However, we do retain the rights to this software and ask that scientists ask permission before making modifications. Further, we expressly prohibit the use of this software for proprietary or any profit making purposes or any use that is inconsistent with the goals of the National Science Foundation or Kenyon College.

Please contact Tom to report any bugs.