This is the webpage of the Cosmology and Computing group at Kenyon College. We are an active group who are interested in how computation and Precision Cosmology can help us to understand the most fundamental nature of the Universe around us.

News! Our phase transition simulations from our recent paper are featured in a new show by artist Claudia Esslinger at Wabash College

Thanks to Jim Mertens for providing the raw images that were used to create the programming.


Furqan Dar - Furqan Dar, a junior from Pakistan, will be researching into New Massive Gravity Gravitational Waves. His research shall be mainly numerically and will revolve around making modifications to the Klein Gordon Equations to introduce new equations of motion and evolve lattices through time. He then shall try to see if the predictions match up with data from the Hulse-Taylor Binary Pulsar.

Elizabeth Halper (Lizzie) - Lizzie is a senior at Kenyon (3-2) and is working introduce GPU hardware to the lab. She will be implementing our preexisting code (GABE) with the CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) language in order to speed up our current computations.

Ross Mauck - - Ross is a senior at Kenyon College. He is a physics major math minor with a computer science concentration. He has begun his research career and will continue our CUDA work in order to speed up the team’s current computations.

Eva Nesbit - Eva Nesbit is a junior at Kenyon. She will be researching whether or not there could have been a (first) matter-dominated period during our Universe’s past and if this model could lead to the creation of a Universe with the high enough temperature for nucleosynthesis.

Tim Scully - Tim, a senior at Kenyon, is currently using numerical methods to simulate bubble collisions during first-order phase transtions using GABE. Although he's just beginning his relationshiop with Eliza, they are off to a big bang.

John T. Giblin, Jr (Tom) - Tom has been at Kenyon Since 2009 and is currently an Assistant Professor of Physics. Tom is interested in how numerical methods can help us learn about fundamental physics. His interests are in Cosmology, Particle Physics and Computation.

Alumni and Collaborators


Ann - Ann just joined the group in May, 2014. She has 32 processors and 128 GB of RAM; but she's a CUDAmonster with a brand new Tessla K40 with 2880 Cores!

Eliza - Eliza has been with the cosmology group since 2009. Although she only has eight 3 Ghz processors, she makes up for it with 196 GB of RAM and 2 TB of 15,000 RPM storage.

Gabrielle - Gabrielle is the largest single-node-computer in central Ohio. Her primary allegiance is to the deparment of physics, but she enjoys Cosmological simulations. With 512 GB of RAM and 64 processors (that's right, 512 GB of shared memory) she can do almost anything.

Holly - Holly joined the cosmology group in 2012, replacing Holly Emeritus--the founding member. She is a MacPro with 64 GB of RAM and 8 real (16 virtual) processors. She is unparalled in her ability to run code, render phots and play '80's hair band music at the same time.

Regina - Regina is the administrative head of the Cosmological Simulators. She is a MacPro with 12 real-2.66 Ghz cores and 64 GB of RAM. She does what she wants.